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Melodic Mich - new name!!!

2009-08-24 10:22:13 by Dj-Noxid

My new name and songs! CHECK IT OUT!


2009-04-15 13:00:25 by Dj-Noxid

Thanks to some friends.. I decided to launch my first album after my exams are done. That'll be near the end of June. The reason I launch my new album is to celebrate the summer and the end of school for me. College time is coming and that means I have more time for my songs =)
Stay tuned :D


2009-04-14 11:14:43 by Dj-Noxid

Woohoo:D Check out my Epic Trance Remix of my first song, Last Time. A fresh Trance arp, Voicy pads, and a lot more :) Reviews are welcome!

Weeeee =D

2009-02-16 10:32:47 by Dj-Noxid

Yes Yes.. I finally have my new pc.. ready to make songs again :D
I'm currently working on Hard Trance :)


2009-01-20 04:58:41 by Dj-Noxid

I have some trouble with my pc, but soon I should be able to upload songs again since I'm about to buy a new 1 :)